Sunday, March 31

Sad confession.

Well guys, Easter 2013 will always be a holiday I'll remember because today,
 yours truly accidentally had wine. 

So some backstory:

I'm old fashioned. 
I'm crazy weird and I make random noises, sing songs that pop into my head and jump around like a monkey but I'm old fashioned.  I won't go into detail but I believe that it's important to wait till you're married to do certain things (ahem, cough, cough), it's important to not do drugs or smoke or cuss, and lastly, it's important to wait till your 21st birthday to drink any alcoholic drinks. 

Now, I know that living in the 21st century, this is rare for a 20-year old college student but I'm stubborn and proud to call myself a lady.  Well, unfortunately, part of that record was broken today. 

My aunt, uncle and I went to this fancy shmancy restaurant (I played my violin at a church for Easter services so we left from their to the restaurant to celebrate Easter).  We sat outside and it was beautiful.  There was even a harpist playing music ranging from that one song from Ghost to a song from The Phantom of the Opera.  It was pretty awesome.  We sat down and the waiter offered us drinks (i.e. water, tea, champagne, OJ and cranberry juice). My eyes lit up when he said cranberry juice because I love cranberry juice and hadn't had it in a long time so sure enough, that's what I ordered! :)

My aunt had the same and my uncle got white wine.  The waiter brought us our drinks and we toasted and then we drank it.  I smelled it and noticed that it smelled different, I thought, "wow, this cranberry juice is fancy" and looked over to my aunt and saw her drinking it and thought, "okay, it IS cranberry juice" but as soon as I took a sip I quickly realized it wasn't my beloved cranberry juice.

Long story short, and after way too many minutes of waiting, the waiter told us that it was, in fact, NOT cranberry juice but some blush wine or something...? They look similar in color. 

So, after this, followed some sad moments by me.  I can no longer say I've never had a sip of alcohol.  Although, I've been trying to look on it on the bright side: I've got a funny, silly story to tell my kids about my first taste of alcohol and how I felt guilty and disappointed in myself.  I think my mom would have probably laughed at me (nicely) for being so paranoid about accidentally drinking wine.  Haha. Oh how I miss her. 

Moral of the story I guess...? Smell your drinks and don't assume that when you order cranberry juice, that you are indeed getting cranberry juice.  

I told Mickey and he made of fun of me but ended it by saying that it didn't count. So, there you go, I'm choosing to listen to Mickey and not include this. I think I'm just trying to make myself feel better. 

Other than that, we celebrated a great Easter! Mickey and I are starting to celebrate our second holidays together and it's so much fun because we think about what we did the previous year and have come to the conclusion that we look so much better this year (whoohoo weight loss!).  



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