Tuesday, April 9

Overwhelming and Amazing

Major events have occurred! 

After 5 years of wanting to volunteer for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, I was finally able to do so this past weekend! It was intense.  I'm so glad I finally was able to go but I think, in a way, it was a good thing I hadn't gone right after my mom's death.  Don't get me wrong, I loved being surrounded by cheerful people in remission and those loved ones standing by them.  Sadly though, I couldn't help but see the groups of people walking/running in memory of someone.  

I assisted with the start and finish line. Once people started getting ready and in their designated sections (i.e. 5k/competitive/non-competitive/walkers/etc.) things started getting intense.  It was like people were multiplying by the dozens. It was crazy! 

Once the race started I walked around a bit and unfortunately, my emotions got in the way.  It was difficult coming to the realization that my mom and I would never share in that victory of her overcoming cancer.  My mom and I dreamed of going to the race and everything. It was just sad, but I composed myself kind of quickly and payed a visit to the Tribute Tent. I felt that it was a way to pay respects to those who had also lost their lives/loved ones to this sucky disease. 

In happier, news, sorry for being such a Debby Downer guys, I received a scholarship at my school's Honor's Convocation this past Sunday!  The scholarship is in memory of a fellow student who passed away suddenly after graduation.  His mother and my professor formed a friendship after his death and have a scholarship in his name.  The teacher that nominated me for this scholarship gave such a beautiful speech and ended it by saying "I know your mom would be very proud of you." 
(Or something to that effect). It was just amazing. I teared up. 

Mickey surprised me before the Honors Convocation with red carnations (MY FAVORITE) and this cute flower pot.   He took this candid picture of me. :)

Mrs. Curnutt and Dr. Greenberg. :)

I even got a glass thingy-majig. It was awesome.
I do think my mom would be very proud of me.

And now, I embark on to finish my final spring semester in college.  I'll be applying for graduation shortly and then, before I know it, I'll be attending my final semester of college!! 
Where did the time go?? 

But, one thing at a time, tomorrow I'll be filling in as Entertainment Anchor for my school's television station! It all happened very recently, 
one of the anchors for tomorrow's LIVE broadcast is feeling very under the weather and so, I will step in.  Sometimes, things just work out a different way than you planned them to. 
So, here's hoping our previous anchor feels better and that I do a very good job tomorrow! :)


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