Monday, April 29

For my momma ❤

So last time I blogged was my mom's birthday.  
Here is what happened that day.

I applied for graduation.

I'll let that sink in for a little. 

I'll wait. No worries.

Yup.  Yours truly has applied for graduation.  I will be graduating in about 221 days and I'm still in shock.  I wasn't sure the Registrar's Office was gonna be open because of our city holiday but sure enough, they closed at noon.  I got up and before I knew it, I was out the door.  I parked and walked my way up to the Administration Bldg.  As I walked up the wet stairs, I could smell the humidity and began thinking about all the times I went up those stairs.  I couldn't help but feel nervous because what I was about to do was incredibly important and meaningful to me.  

Once I got there. I took several pictures of my application and stuff around me.  Yes, I'm that kind of girl.  Mickey says I'm self aware. He thinks it's a good thing.  I realize when something very important is happening and I take pictures. :) I must have looked like a goof doing so but it was completely worth it. 

I also took a picture once I got out of the building, after all the tears of course.  A big part of me was just so insanely proud of myself for getting this far and for achieving so much but a chunk of me was really sad that I wasn't sharing that moment with my mom.  We had always dreamed of me going to college and I am having a difficult time coming to the realization that she won't be there to see me graduate.  When I look out into the audience, I won't see her there.  It was difficult to do this but applying for graduation on my momma's birthday was something very important for me.  I think she loved that present! I called Mickey after I was out and he told me later that nobody in my family had ever done that.  He was so right.  I'm a first generation college student and it's just so amazing that I've had this opportunity to go to college and get a degree.  

I went to work and my boss gave me a really nice butterfly wind chime and a card.  She is such a sweet woman and I love working with her.  I still can't believe I've been working at my chapel for two years now! 

As soon as I got out of the chapel, I broke down. I hadn't had one of those meltdowns in a while but Mickey came at the perfect time with carnations and Snapple.  
Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am to have him in my life?
He had bought a gift card for this nice restaurant and so we went there in celebration of my mama's birthday. We had to use this card in one visit and we had no trouble doing that. 
We got:
fried calamari
crab cake (SO GOOD)
new england clam chowder (which Mickey fell in love with!)
monterrey chicken (with ham and cheese)
shrimp angel hair pasta thingy
& red velvet cake
Stolen from Mickey :)

My mom would have really liked that place and the chowder and the crab cake.  
We both shared a love for seafood.  
I'm slowly convincing Mickey he's a secret seafood lover. :)

It was a wonderful way to the end the day.  
Thank you all for your kind wishes on Facebook and Instagram. It mean a lot. 

Well, I'm leaving a lot of stuff out because things have gotten super crazy. I will tell y'all about that another time. Wish us all luck as we get ready for the last two weeks of the semester! 


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