Monday, May 20

One step closer.

Well, on Mexican Mother's Day, Mickey and I got internships at one of the local television stations!!!

He will be following a cameraman for half of the internship and then an editor for the other half.  
I'll be following a reporter

Needless to say, we're both very excited!

Mickey will be in charge of DJ Services at our university's radio station.
I will be the Entertainment Director for university's television station.

Again, we're both very excited!

I'm 4 days 21 hours 25 minutes and 52 seconds 
away from my 21st birthday.

It's crazy to think I'm only 4 years away from 25.  That was the age I thought life would be fantastic.  I also used to think that's when I would be married with kids.  Now, married sounds amazing but with kids? I think I could wait a bit.  :)

I'll be going to the city that never sleeps from today till the eve of my birthday. 
I will actually be taking a shower in approximately 23 minutes. 
I know, I'm a rebel.  
We'll (my aunt and I) be leaving to go to the airport at 4am.

When I return I will be less than 12 hours away from my birthday!

I will give all the details about the trip and my birthday celebration once I return. 

(& other big events)

I'm gonna miss him SO DANG much. 


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