Wednesday, May 29


Hello guys.
Too much has happened so I've decided to split up my posts. 
1. School ending/year in review
2. New York trip
3. Birthday
4. First day at internship

But before all of that, I'm sad to share some news with y'all.

I hadn't talked about these sweet darlings on here because I wanted to share very exciting information and things just got too crazy but here it goes. 

Around the end of April, about the 24th, Mickey and I were introduced to some lovely little animals.

I heard there cries from around the corner of the office.  Mickey was doing his monologue from class and I was sitting outside.  I looked into the office to see a few teachers crowded around these adorable kittens. It turns out they had been left outside one of the teacher's patios.  

We offered to take care of them for a few hours.  We ran into several obstacles as animals aren't allowed on campus and then we gave the kittens back to the teacher.  We had our radio show and then were called by her.  She couldn't take care of them, so we offered to take care of them.  

I remember it like it was yesterday, we got to Mickey's house and we told his parents there were three kittens, I think he failed to mention the exact number, needless to say, his parents were surprised.  His labradoodle, Buddy, was interested in these guys. 

We encountered lots of obstacles along the way and became like parents to these kittens.  We got excited when they started purring, when they started drinking from the bottle and eating solid food. 

From left to right: Rose, David and Charlie.

It was funny because we named them pretty quickly and we didn't understand exactly how to figure out their gender, except for Rose, we always knew she was a girl. 

We knew that taking care of the three kittens and Buddy would be too much so we started to think of people who would take two of our "babies".  We wanted to keep one and we knew Rose would be ours.  I went to New York for about a week prior to my 21st birthday and I said goodbye to all of them because I knew I would possibly not see Charlie or David again. 

This was our last and only family picture. 

The morning I was coming back, Mickey's dad took Charlie and David to a good home. I was sad but I knew they would be better off.  I was excited to get back and see everyone, including Rose, who was ours to keep.  

The last day I saw her was my birthday.  I played with her and the last words I told her were:
"Bye Rosie O'Donnell! I'll see you tomorrow!"
(or something to that effect)

I didn't see her the next day because it was jam-packed with stuff.
I didn't realize I would never see her again. 

Monday May 27th, Mickey called me in the morning to tell me our sweet Rosie was gone.  
It still hurts so much to think she's no longer with us. 
We don't know what we did wrong but it happened that morning between 9:30 and 10:30.  
She was fine the night before and she climbed up everything, just like she loved to do. 

Mickey and I had raised our babies for a month and to think that Rose didn't make it still breaks my heart.  I've dealt with the loss of animals before but I've always looked at it on the bright side. 
"They had a wonderful, long life and they're in peace now"

What hurts the most is that Rose was a baby.  She was OUR baby.  We helped her survive and learn to eat solid food, even when she was being stubborn.  We played with her and watched her as she would run through the house.  

Mickey and I cried sporadically throughout that day (Memorial Day).  
We still have moments were we think about Rose and getting back to her.  It's sad to think this was our last picture of her, it was the night before.  It was as if Buddy knew somehow.  

Goodnight sweet Rose.  Thank you for lighting up our lives for the month you were with us. We enjoyed taking care of you.  You reminded me just how much I love kittens and I hope one day we'll be able to adopt a kitten and call her Rose. I hope you're doing well and that you aren't in pain.  Say hi to my mommy and Gypsy for me. You'll be in safe hands, don't worry. 
We love you and miss you sweet Rosie. 


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