Wednesday, May 29

Sayonara Sixth Semester

I know it has taken me a long time to talk about this but I'm trying to get back into the writing flow. 
So, here it goes guys, a review of the classes and the semester. 

Advanced Acting
It was a very fun class. 
I love the teacher, it's so sad because I won't have a class with him anymore. 
I learned a lot about different styles of acting. It was awesome.  
It was a hard class and getting an A- was pretty cool. 

Writing the Script
It was also a very fun class.
I learned a lot about scripts and movies. 
We watched so many movies that now, I feel I could talk to
 Mickey more about movies (he's the movie guru)
I will be taking a class from this teacher again.  She's really sweet and she loves 
Mickey and I being together. :)

Play Analysis
This was an okay class.
It was fun reading different plays but I didn't like taking quizzes from them every class. 
It made me stressed and kinda sucked the fun out of reading them. 
I am glad it's over. 

TV Practicum
This is perhaps the class I learned most from.
We did lots of broadcasts and stories and I learned a lot. 
I shot, I edited, I wrote, I anchored, I reporter, I interviewed. 
It was amazing. 
It was interesting because at the start of the semester I had it in my mind that I was going to be a television producer. I've thought that for about 4 years and that all changed this semester. 
I found myself more interested in being in front of the camera and interviewing people in front of the camera.  I would get so excited and it would become the highlight of my day.  The best day was when I filled in for a girl that wasn't feeling well, it was seriously, the most fun I've had in a while. It was our first live broadcast EVER in the history of our TV station and I had a rush. 
It was eye-opening.  

So, I've decided to go for it. 
I'm interning right now at a local television station and I'm learning all the inside scoop. 
It's awesome!
My dream is to work on a daytime show, like a cousin of Ellen or Oprah.  
I think going into Late Night would be amazing as well. 
I want to start with morning shows.  
So we'll see. :)

Anyway, this class was definitely life-changing. 

Law and the Media
It was difficult.
Teacher was nice. 
Glad it's over. 

Producing and Directing
Teacher was very scattered.  
Class was okay. 
I did a short film, it's fantastic!
Glad the class is over. 

So there you have it. 
My sixth semester. 

Next up:
Final semester of college which starts in 81 days
Then college graduation in approx. 191 days. 
I'll be taking:
Senior Portfolio
Seminar in Film: Spanish Language Films
Creativity in the Arts
Internship (I'm hoping to get another internship in the fall with the same TV station)
The United States to 1865

AND I'll be the Entertainment Director for our college TV station!!! 

I'm über excited!


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