Tuesday, July 16

You'll Love David's Bridal

Guess who has a second job again.
This girl. 

The last second job I had was with Cracker Barrel as a server. 
It lasted six months but I had to quit because school was getting crazy.

Now, here I am again. 
I have to say, I think I'm gonna like this second job much better than the last. 
I learned SO MUCH from being a server.
Stuff that I'll keep with me forever but I feel I needed a new experience. 

I applied to David's Bridal a while back and got called for a group interview.
It was uncharted territory for me. 
By the end of the group interview, I had made people laugh and I was happy with that. :)

I was ecstatic to be called back for the second round of interviews.
This time they were to be with the manager of the store.
They got overbooked and we had to do group interviews again. 
I was a pro by this time. 
Haha. I kid. 
They went very well. I told them about my OCD-ness.  
My immense love for my New York Public Library Student Planner and Post-Its.
 They laughed.  Haha. 

Sometime in between the second interview and the third interview 
they said they would call our references.
My boss at my chapel, Saundra, was one of them.
She's been so supportive, especially as super busy wedding season has slowed down.  

The last round of interviews was to be conducted over the phone with the head honcho in the area. 
I was surprised by how short the interview was.  

I was called and told the wonderful news on the 11th.  
It was awesome! 
I have never received a phone call telling me I got a job.  
It was such a new experience. 

I went in the next day to fill out paperwork. 
Linda, the manager, concluded with shaking my hand and saying:
"Welcome to David's Bridal"
How cool! :)
So what will I be doing you ask?
Oh, you know, only helping brides pick out the most important dress of their lives
You can call me Amy, the Wedding Consultant. 
Although here are just a few of my other titles:

College Senior
Assistant Wedding Coordinator
Entertainment Director (at my university)
Girlfriend to Mickey ;)
Aspiring television host. :)

I'm excited to start! 
P.S. They never called Saundra. I was like... "Whaa?"
Maybe they didn't need my references?



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