Sunday, August 18

The Beginning of the End.

Hello guys!
Since the last time I blogged here are a few things that have happened:

I've sold several wedding dresses
I've sold several bridesmaids dresses
I've gotten a haircut
I made Dean's list again! [for the 6th semester in a row]
Mickey and I started OFF BROADWAY
I've seen how to replace a flat tire, my flat tire
I've helped Mickey pack up for college for our last semester
I've helped pick out my cousin's bridal gown [at David's Bridal!]
I've continued interning at the station and rode a go-kart [and got whiplash]
I've had a meeting with my college tv station's other officers and we're ready for this semester!
I've been extremely busy but have had some fun

On with the new stuff.
Mickey and I will be starting our final semester of college TOMORROW.
It has hit me several times over the past week which causes me to randomly start crying. 
 Being a girl can be so emotionally tiring sometimes!
I was helping him pack up his stuff FOR THE LAST TIME!!!
His dorm is in this new building and it's brand spankin' new.  It's awesome. 

I remember starting college.  I remember feeling weird because I didn't have class till 10:30! Was that okay? I always felt like I was skipping class because I wasn't on campus at 9am. 
I had breaks between classes and it was so weird to me! 
HERE is my first blog post.
& HERE is my second blog post where I mention a couple college things.

I started this blog to document me starting college and my mom's disease.
It was started almost three years ago! THREE!
It has slowly turned into a blog about all things college and life and love and learning to be an adult. 

August 23 was my first day of college & also when I met Mickey. :)
August 25 was my first blog post.

Here I am, three years later about to finish my college career. 
It's such a big deal guys!
I'm gonna graduate from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. 
[with a concentration in Production and a minor in Theatre]
I will be a first generation college graduate. 

I mean. My goodness.  I just can't believe it. 
And I get to do it all with Mickey, my amazing boyfriend. Pretty much the first person I saw when I walked in to Intro to Mass Comm at 1:30pm on August 23. 
It was my first Comm class so I was super excited!

I know that throughout this semester I will randomly burst in tears but I'm so excited for the future.  
I started college with my mom and although I'm not finishing 
my last semester with her here, I know she'd be super duper proud of me. 
 I have Mickey by my side as we finish out college strong and I'm so eager to see what happens!

Our last picture on campus before our last semester of college. 

So, wish us luck as we start the beginning of the end.  

Next up: Last first day of school! 


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