Tuesday, August 20

Last First Day of School

August 19, 2013 was my last first day of school.
I'm still in disbelief that I'm in this place. 
I can't remember every first day of school I had but I remember my first day of school in elementary school (in 4th grade when we moved back to my hometown), my first of school in middle school, my first day of school in high school, and my first day of school in college and now I will always remember my last first day of school. 
So here was my day: 

I woke up at 8am to lounge around and take a shower to get ready. 
I wore this one dress I got from F21.  
For breakfast I had a sandwich and blueberries. :)
I had work at David's Bridal from 10:15-2:45 
From there, I headed to school. 

Mickey and I ran into Saundra, my boss at the chapel. It was so nice seeing her!! :)
We ended up not having enough time to eat a good meal before our 4:30 class because the line was too long for the food we wanted and we still had to get some school things situated. 
We had some chips.  Yum!

We then had Senior Portfolio. 
It's one of the classes Mickey and I have together this semester. :)
We have it with a teacher we've both had so it was cool knowing kind of what to expect. 
Oh and I saw one of these! 
It was a total flashback to elementary school days!
Our professor was talking about what we'd do in the class and I was just like "Wow, I can't believe we're here already."  I'm still in shock.  We're graduating in about 110 days.  I just can't believe it. 
We'll be making business cards, working on our website and we'll have to make a presentation at the end of the class.  We'll also be talking about finances and life decisions and stuff. 
Like whoa, right?
Amy's growing up. 
We talked about what we want to be "when we grow up".
He said this would be one of the last times we said that because 
after we're done with the class we'll be grown up. 
Oh my goodness.

This was something he said that stayed with me. 
"Don't be afraid of what's out there, be ready."

I'm excited for everything!

After that, I had Seminar in Film: Spanish Language Films
This sounds like a fun class! 
I'm excited to learn more film lingo. 
I'm looking forward to hearing beautiful Spanish be spoken. 
This professor is amazing.  She's the same one I had for like three other classes. 
{She loves Mickey and I being together.}

After we were done with our classes, Mickey and I celebrated our last first day of school by going to a restaurant close by that we go to kind of frequently when in school.  
The waiter was like "Hey! Long time no see!"
We were sitting down and he saw and heard us giggling and asked us how long we've been together and we told him "a year and 5 months" at about that same time. He said "congratulations" or something to that effect and we smiled and said "thank you."

It was a sweet moment.  
Mickey and I talked about our days and about the future and everything! 
Gaahhh! We're growing up!
It's scary but oh so exciting!

And next, tomorrow! Our last second day of school!


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