Wednesday, August 21

Last Second Day of School

I woke up at 10am feeling super rested this morning which was super awesome. :)
I got to campus and headed toward TV Practicum for the first time as the Entertainment Director.  
Ahh! I was so excited.
Hank talked about all things having to do with the station.
I'm excited to talk to the students about all things Entertainment! 

1:30pm: Creativity for the Arts
This was cool!
There are 16 other girls in my class. 
It felt like slumber party minus the whole school thing. Haha.
It's my first class to be taught by a sister. 
It was AMAZING.  We started the class by praying.  
It was beautiful. 
She's actually part of the order of sisters that started and created the chapel.  :)
This girl sitting next to me is having a surgery I had a while ago and I talked 
with her a bit after class.  It was really nice to be able to share my experience about that. 
3pm: Internship 
Oh my goodness. Too many people!
I'm interested to see how it goes.

4:30pm: US History to 1865
He started class early! 
A lot of students.
I'm hoping to learn about history. 

Mickey and I went to a screening afterwards. 

I'm excited for this semester. 

109 days till graduation!


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