Thursday, August 29

Reel-y Wonderful Internship

It's crazy to think that our internship is over. 
It's also crazy to think I was there exactly 3 months.
May 28, 2013-August 28, 2013.
The OCD part in me is super happy about it being exactly three months.

I have to say though, saying goodbye was bittersweet. 
Granted, there weren't that many people there and most of the interns had already left, but still, it was the end of a chapter and I couldn't help but feel sad.

Mickey and I followed JT most of the time and it was weird saying bye.  
It's awesome, though, to think how much we learned in those three months.  
I gained more confidence in myself and learned so much more than I thought I would.
I went inside a tattoo shop, I go-karted, I danced on the credits of another show, and Mickey and I were able to start another show from all the experience we had acquired during the internship.

I'm so freaking lucky to have had that internship and to have called FOX my second home.  
It made me realize, even more, that working in television is something for me.

I also finished my new reel! 
You can watch it HERE!

I am excited for what's to come!


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