Sunday, November 24

Fast Forward

Umm…where does the time go?
Here is a recap of what's happened since I last blogged!

Mickey and I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture show, dressed up as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for Halloween and went to a Comic Con and met Nicholas Brendon.  I met Jamie Deen at my internship, Mickey and Deidra have been making me laugh a lot.  :) Mickey turned 22 years old!!!! I went on a live shot at my internship and covered a holiday event for my university. 

Today, Mickey and I had our first graduation party (mainly for family and adults) and it was a complete blast.  So many people had so many nice things to say.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It's just amazing.  I'm so excited for things to come! 
I can't wait to do graduation with you Mickey.  I love you! 


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