Sunday, December 22

Sayonara College!

So I've got several ideas for different posts but I'll start out with 
this one because this will most likely be the last one of these posts I'll write. Here is what I think about my classes after graduation! (Here is what I thought of my
 last first day of school and here is what I thought about last second day of school.)

Senior Portfolio
Very helpful class! It was nice to make business cards (which I still hand out), a website (which I still brag about) and a 6-month, 5-year plan! It was nice.  

Seminar in Film
This class taught me a lot about film and it's nice to be able to talk to Mickey about film a bit more! Whoohoo! It was also nice to watch all kinds of Spanish films I wouldn't have normally watched!

Creativity for the Arts
This was an interesting class. It taught me to look at the world through a teacher's eyes.  It was the last class I needed to take to complete my theatre minor and it was an education course.  I knew going into it that I would try to learn all the information and retain it for my kids in the future so that I could make all subjects interesting to them (like my mom did for me) and I feel I learned just that.  It's pretty cool! 

This class was nice.  It was great knowing that I had an internship I really enjoyed
 and was learning a lot out of it.  

US History to 1865
Not going to lie, this was probably one of the least exciting classes I took in college.  It was difficult to get interested in what we were talking about but I did learn, which is all that matters! 

Oh and my time as Entertainment Director for my campus TV station was amazing, stressful, chaotic and bonkers, but amazing nonetheless.  I just can't believe it's over!

This was our last day of classes! 

This was the teacher was the one we had when we met that first day of college in Intro to Mass Comm AND the teacher we had on our last day of college! 
(Oh and that's right outside the classroom where we first met!)

My next post will be about graduation!!!!


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