Sunday, December 22

I have a BA!

The best perk of graduating in the fall at my university: the lights!
{From the night before graduation, Baccalaureate Mass on campus!} 

Mickey and I still can't believe we graduated from college! I mean…COLLEGE! It's a pretty big deal! We graduated in the same place as I graduated from high school! I was very emotional that morning because I was angry at the fact that my mom wasn't there.  Then I stopped and tried to calm down once I saw Mickey and asked for God's guidance.  I knew that my mom wouldn't be there rooting for me in the stands physically but even better, she was there with a great seat rooting for me spiritually.  I felt her presence as I walked in the coliseum and I could hear her voice and I couldn't help but smile and look in awe at the amount of people there.  It was so surreal, the bagpipes were being played, I got goosebumps and got teary-eyed and got chills (and not just because it was one of the colder days here in the south).  We passed by teachers and I saw one of my favorites (whom we had just seen prior to lining up!) I kept thinking "Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening."

I'll rewind a bit.  I woke up feeling weird because I couldn't believe it was my college graduation day.     I felt a bit frustrated with the fact that I was so sad and angry that my mom wouldn't be there but it all slowly started improving when I saw Mickey.  I met him at his house and we finished getting ready and then left for the coliseum! 

We got there and started getting in line and finding our fellow Comm Arts friends and we started taking pictures, laughing, and talking.  Mickey and I went outside for a bit because he was going to leave something in my car when I saw one of our favorite teachers! We screamed, he heard us, we got excited, we took a picture and we all had to leave.  It was so amazing that we got to see him because things had gotten so crazy that it was hard to visit him that last semester! We were literally running and screaming his name then we caught up with him and he turned around, 
it was like something out of the movies.  

Best theater teacher ever! He's told us he has officially adopted us.  We couldn't be happier! ;)
Then Mickey and I went back inside and came to the realization we were going to graduate together.  It was amazing.  We couldn't believe this was all happening.  We then proceeded to take this picture.  

We started lining up and after a while it was our turn to walk into the coliseum! 
(Read top paragraph for details).  

Next thing we know, bam. We're walking the freaking stage.  But, prior to that, after three hours of waiting for our turn, I realized even the few sips of water was too much for my little body to handle and I ran to the restroom a couple minutes before I walked the stage! (Too much info?)

I heard Mickey's name being called first and I screamed for my darling! Then it was my turn and I found some people I had invited there rooting for me and then I stood there waiting for my name to be called.  I looked out onto everybody there and took a deep breath.  This was it.  I was about to graduate from college.  I knew my mom was bawling her eyes out and cheering like nobody's business.  I was stoked.  

"Amy C. …" 
that was all I heard and everything got quiet in my head.

It was like I was dreaming.  I started walking the stage and smiled when I got the president of our university and shook his hand, got my pretend diploma, bam, picture, walked more, shook a strangers hand, bam, picture, walked down a ramp, bam, pose, picture, grabbed an alumni pin from some nice ladies, found somebody I had invited, bam, pose, picture, walked back to my seat and saw Mickey, gave each other a semi-high five and sat down. 

OMG. I just graduated from college with my college sweetheart. 

OMG. I have a B.A. in Communication Arts with a 
Concentration in Production with a Minor in Theatre!

First generation. College Grad. Magna Cum Laude. Ahh!

Everything after that was awesome.  We took pictures and went to Chili's that night.  It was fantastic!

December 8, 2013
I will give you guys more information on other things soon, including my internship, job prospects, goals and of course Christmas and New Years stuff! Get ready! I'm back in the blogging world!


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