Thursday, February 6

Recapping in 3, 2, 1!

Since my last post, things have been moving in fast forward.  Seriously.  Here's a recap! 

I finished my internship at FOX and it was amazing! I learned so much and had a blast.  I cried in the parking lot because I realized how much I had grown in that TV station.  It was pretty cheesy but after seven months you get attached. You know?

I was able to say goodbye on air and it was wonderful! It was pretty freaking awesome that I wasn't nervous talking on camera in a real TV station.  It was fantastic!
 On Christmas Eve, Mickey had a seizure.  Ten days later he had another one.  He is now taking medication and has a neurologist (who apparently is super attractive based on everybody's opinion except mine) but he's the best of the best and so I like him! :) Mickey is doing better and we're waiting to hear back from his EEG to see exactly what caused these seizures.  Getting those calls he was being rushed to the hospital was seriously one of the worst feelings I've ever felt and I thank God for taking care of my Mickey.  He's such a trooper and he's doing amazing.  :)

We spent Christmas Eve and about 3/4 of Christmas Day at the hospital but we still had fun! He's a keeper,  I know.  :)

We had a blast! We went to a restaurant, watch When Harry Met Sally (annual tradition) and watched fireworks! It was wonderful! Oh and also had a little photoshoot with Mickey's camera, (also an annual tradition).  Two days later Mickey had his second seizure—making it epilepsy.  That hospital visit was shorter.  He went to the neurologist, then got an MRI done (good results), and then got the EEG.  He's been on medication for about a month now and is doing fantastic (as mentioned above). 

Mickey has been gone on a couple of interviews and they've gone great but it's a long process.  This was right before the second one! He is so handsome!! :) Oh and we got haircuts before our interviews!

Yours truly landed a job at FOX!!! My first television home! :) I went on the interview on the monday that classes started back! It was weird not going to school! I got the call a couple days later saying I got the job! I have been working there since January 15, 2014 and it's been great! I'm a Production Assistant! People remembered me! It was great being back 22 days after my internship ended! I have a locker, a box, a badge, a code to get in the building-the real deal y'all! It's pretty cool! 
This is what I get to see most of my days: 

Other things: Mickey and I finally went to the zoo! We're looking at shooting tv-related things and have enjoyed watching Breaking Bad, What Not to Wear and Orange is the New Black on Netflix! We are enjoying this whole college grad thing.  I could get used to it! 


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