Monday, February 10

What Not to Wear

So in my previous post, I mentioned Mickey and I have been watching
 What Not to Wear and we've, surprisingly, learned a lot! 

It's interesting because my mom and I used to watch this show a lot and we'd get annoyed sometimes because it seemed as though Stacy and Clinton were kind of rude at times and we didn't like it.  So far, Mickey and I haven't seen that yet, so I'm guessing they toned it down…(right?).  Anyway, we're enjoying learning stuff.  

I've never really considered myself a good dresser.  My "fashion" has evolved though from big t-shirts and jeans to lots of layers, to just wearing jeans all the time, to wearing dresses and skirts and leggings.  It's getting there.  

Well, Mickey and I are on a mission to start dressing better now that we're done with college.  You know, improving our wardrobe one piece of clothing at time.  He gets inspiration from Clinton and I get a bit of inspiration from Stacy and all of their rules.  

We have started working on it and although it's been hard (because we're still broke) it's been fun! 
We went to Target today and it was as if we were spending those $5,000! (I WISH!) We were pairing things up and it was a blast.  

I know a lot of people stereotype people that talk about clothes and fashion in certain way, but the truth is, that clothes really can impact your life tremendously.  Why not dress better and feel better, you know? Dressing for your body can make you happy and open doors for you.  

So today at Target, I got a black blazer, nice dark wash jeans, and a green top.  
It's small, but it's a start and I'm thrilled.  
I'm also keeping in mind makeup tips from Carmindy! :)

Did I mention how much fun it is to pin stuff on Pinterest as inspiration?

Why so serious?? But OMG, look at what she's wearing! 

So I'm pretty sure these rules are going to continue to help us as we move on up in the professional world! I mean, it's not like we can wear this everyday. 


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