Sunday, March 2

The Real Deal.

So, yesterday I received one of the most important papers I'll ever have. 
My College Diploma. 

It was in a huge envelope with these BOLD words on the front.  I knew what it was because I saw that other grads got theirs too but I just stared at it.  I just couldn't believe it. 

It's crazy to think that I'd been working for this since ever.  I mean, technically, since I was in kindergarten but, dang.  About 16 years of schooling.  So I opened it. 

My heart kinda skipped a beat when I saw my name on it.  
My mom and I worked so hard to get here and the first thing I wanted to do was show her.  
It was bittersweet but I could almost feel her crying tears of joy in heaven. 

All I could do was keep staring at this (rather large) piece of paper.  Seriously guys, did y'all know how big this paper is? Is this the norm for college diplomas? 

I touched it as if it were diamonds or gold or something super delicate and fancy.  
It feels pretty cool! 

Well guys, here it is.  It's the real deal. I'm a college grad.  
My mom would be bawling her eyes out of pure joy and happiness for me and I have to say, it's amazing knowing that I accomplished one of my biggest life goals.  
Next: Get my dream job! 

This one's for you momma! Thank you for everything you ever did for me! You were the most amazing momma to me and I'll keep reaching for my dreams! 

P.S. Your baby graduated from college! Ahhh!!! We did it! 
And did you get a look at that freaking diploma! Ahhh! 

                                                        -Love, your first generation college grad! 


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