Friday, July 11

Hiatus Ends!

This has by far been the longest hiatus I've had from blogging.  Partly because my laptop charger decided to not cooperate and partly because everything's been super busy to write here.  Needless to say, I'm freakishly stoked to share stuff that's occurred since I lost blogged! I will do those through pictures and words! My best friend graduated from college! She teased me after graduating a semester early saying that I was abandoning her and so it was so exciting to see her graduate through live-stream! Next up, Med School! So proud of you Deidra!

Took this selfie with Oprah at a Starbucks inside Target! #NBD ;)
I turned 22! I had made it a goal for myself to go to Forever 21 on my birthday eve, like later in the evening, and purchasing something from Forever 21 because it would be symbolic about always somehow being Forever 21. Mickey liked my idea and so we went and I purchased a necklace!

 My birthday celebration started as soon as I got off from work on my birthday eve.  Deidra and Mickey surprised me at the chapel (work), Forever 21 purchase was made and then we headed to PF Changs! YUM.  We stuffed our faces then went to Mickey's house and sang karaoke! I spent the night at Deidra's and proceeded to celebrate on my birthday day! We went to Olive Garden and went bowling! It was an enjoyable weekend and I'm enjoying being 22, so far so good. :)

 Mickey and I went mini-golfing for the first time together! We've been separately but in the two years we've been together, we'd never gone and so we, of course, had to change that.

He beat my score by four points…
For the record, I totally let him win…
I got a few holes-in-one! Woohoo!

I've been spending time with my favorite puppy! Although Buddy's now 28! He's finally older than us! He got a haircut earlier this summer and it's starting to grow out! This little guy is so adorable!

Last, but certainly not least, I've moved to a different schedule! This was my dream since I started interning as a Lifestyle & Entertainment Intern and I'm so excited that I'm lucky enough to start this coming week! I've been trained as a fill-in editor and I'll be continuing being a Production Assistant! I love the morning show because there's so much to learn and it's in constant motion! I'm so excited to continue my journey at FOX. It's crazy to believe I've been working there for about six months now! Where does the time go? 

There are a few things that are missing but I will be sure to keep y'all updated more frequently! 
Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 


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