Sunday, July 27

That's Sick Yo

Buddy was helpful too. :)
That was me yesterday.  
I was as sick as a dog. 
What does that even mean really? "Sick as a dog" 
When dogs get sick do they get super sick? Or do they get sick frequently?
Anyway, I was not feeling my best and it kinda just hit me.  
I'm not the kind of person to get sick frequently but when I get sick it's not a little sniffle here or there, it can get pretty intense and yesterday was no exception. 
It's crazy how much being sick takes out of you. 
 Gatorade and Pepto Bismol became my best friends for yesterday.
It was funny because the jingle from those Pepto Bismol commercials popped into my head and I proceeded to sing along to the tune in my head.
I must have seemed a little psychotic because Mickey had to stop me from singing so I could rest. 
Thank you Mickey for taking care of me and for all of your help. 
It's crazy how me getting sick just kind of happened out of nowhere
 to the point where I couldn't really move. 
Needless to say, with some TLC I'm now at 98% and ready for tomorrow! 
Again, thank you Mickey for your help (and for your parents help).  

Today was spent relaxing and watching Breaking Bad, Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, and FRIENDS. :)
Crackers were my main choice of food today.  
I broke up with food yesterday and we're taking things slowly.  I'm sure we'll be back to normal tomorrow. Haha.

And then I was pleasantly greeted by these when I got back to my room. :) 
Thank you Aunt Estelle and Uncle Bill! 
Hope y'all have had a fantastic weekend! 


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